Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What Really Happened?

Last week, the news reported that Rand Paul was attacked from behind by a neighbor in his up-scale community, and had sustained five broken ribs in the ensuing scuffle. The attacker was described as a physician. The story raised way more questions than it answered.

What did Mr. Paul do to cause his neighbor to lash out in such an unprofessional manner? What would cause anyone who has taken an oath to do no harm and to value human life to attack another human?

I believe the key is in the description of the area in which they live as a community rather than a neighborhood. Community suggests it is an area with definite boundaries and a list of covenants or rules that everyone who buys into it agrees to follow.

I respectfully suggest that Mr. Paul has blatantly ignored one or more of the covenants of the community to such an extreme that his neighbor is frantic and lost his temper over Mr. Paul’s flagrant disregard to the rules of the community.

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