Sunday, October 29, 2017

If You Don't Have Anything Good To Say

The last half of this summer has been difficult for our family. My husband, a childhood polio victim, has post-polio syndrome. Symptoms of the original disease have returned: muscle aches and severe fatigue along with weakness in other parts of the body.

My husband has walked with a cane for the last 55 years or so, but now, he's experiencing weakness in his hands and arms forcing him to depend upon an electric wheelchair.

The blow to his morale is devastating.

There are countless other aging polio victims facing this same dilemma The doctors think that the good muscles wear out from over use but can't be certain. As far as the medical community is concerned, the cause and cure for polio have been found. Only a minor percentage of the population suffers from post-polio. Most are senior citizens and won't be around long enough to make research on the condition profitable.  

My husband has been told to exert himself as little as possible to conserve what strength he has left. All we can do is take each day as it comes and hope he will reach a plateau in the degeneration process, adjust to it and have a reasonable quality of life for the time he has left. The prospect is pretty grim.

But whatever happens, life must go on. I'm back now to my blog and sincerely appreciate your kind attention and patience during my absence.

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