Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Diagnosis

This morning I took George, our better than standard poodle, to the vet. The last couple of days he’s been acting as though he wasn’t feeling completely up to par.

We thought at first the weather might have been the problem. A tropical storm hit the Texas and Louisiana shores causing heavy rain and high winds in the Mid-South. George is terrified of electrical storms. When one hits in the middle of the night, he forces himself between my night stand and the wall and then tries to dig his way right under my head between the mattress and innersprings. But yesterday morning there was no lightning only strong winds and lots of rain.

He followed me out for the papers and wet against a mailbox post before coming back in the garage, but he refused to join me in the house. He lay down in the doorway between garage and kitchen staring at me with pitiful eyes. I dried him with a beach towel and left him covered with it from head to foot where he remained looking doubly pathetic until I finally insisted he come in the house.

He went to his bed in the den where I covered him with the towel and a blanket. He stayed that way for over an hour. By the time I got ready to take him to the doctor, George was beginning to act more like himself so we stayed home.

This morning he was acting puny again, and since its Saturday with no Sunday office hours, we went to the vet. I don’t blame the dog one bit for not fully appreciating the vet. They use a rectal thermometer, and I don’t want to know how they get a urine sample.

Although he has gained three pounds, George passed his physical with flying colors. There was no apparent reason for his change in behavior. It might have been the weather or it might have been another case of ADR (Ain’t Doin’ Right).

They took a blood sample to be sure and to establish a baseline for any future problems. It cost me $220. It was worth every penny to make sure The Dog was okay.

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