Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sad Occasion

We've had another mass shooting, and while all the state and national agencies are rushing to determine if there were any accessories to the crime, if anyone knew what he was planning and didn't speak out, while the majority of the rest of us wring our hands in grief over the loss of so many promising young lives, no one speaks up about one of the obvious solutions to prevent any further such massacres.

The first wife of this young man reported he was violent and bi-polar. In retrospect, many of the people who commit these mass slaughters are mentally deranged.

Yes, this latest was a terrorist but not for Isis. Any man who hangs out in a bar and drinks alcohol is not a good Muslim. He was in the manic stage of his illness.

This country has no mental health care. Shame on us.

The majority of the homeless have some form of mental illness. The best mental health care money could provide would be hugely inexpensive in comparison to the cost of crime and damage to public and private property not to mention the pain and heartache. Long-term mental hospitals would also provide a place for agencies to send possibly violent suspects and thereby avoid most of these violent outbursts.

Why can't we do this?