Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Imperfect World

I was forced to "take to my bed" earlier this week. The dramatic diagnosis would be a mild case of food poisoning. Most of my children will be with us next week to celebrate family birthdays. We'll all don our white shirts and blue jeans for family pictures followed by a visit to one of the biggest donut shops in town.

The minor illness threw me off schedule in my preparations for the upcoming week. As I lay in bed praying to die, the dog resting on top of the covers beside me slept peacefully on his back with all four paws thrown carelessly in a differenct direction. His relaxed attitude helped change my goals for the event to come.

The family silver candlesticks will probably not be cleaned in time for the event and will remain right where they are black with tarnish on top of the china cabinet. All the plants on the patio waiting to be potted may not reach their final destination until my granddaughter arrives to give me a hand.

The New Jersey branch of the family will arrive to a Mid-South in full bloom. All the azaleas and dogwoods are almost at their peak. We won't even think about the pollen count. Although we had a mild winter, spring here has also been exceptionally cool for which we are grateful. The full blast of summer will arrive all to soon as far as I'm concerned.

I'm looking forward to showing off our new hiking and biking trails as well as the off-leash dog park to our family.

Take out pizza will be among the fare served our first evening together. I consulted one of my daughters about the menu and was told since it's a school night, there might not be time for a more formal dinner. Pizza with a green salad and a bowl of cut fruit will make the meal.

In other words, this old person is trying to learn to sit back and relax and smell the roses. All I have to do is maintain my resolve and try to figure out how to use the camera I bought three years ago and never used. Wish me luck.   

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Hitch Hiker

Doobee Willingham appeared yesterday. The main character of A Normal Kind of Girl, the working title of my first novel, was driving down the road and passed him hitch hiking.
Doobee, a third year freshman at UT, is a leading organizer of the Students for Democratic Society and high-volume pot dealer. Due to his position with SDS as well as his increasing entrepreneurship, it’s important he dress the part; i.e., threadbare jeans almost rotten with dirt, leather sandals too big for his feet, tie dyed t-shirt, and a leather vest trimmed in fringe. His shoulder-length hair is held in place by a hairband circling his forehead. A peace symbol hangs from his neck on a leather braid. Pink-shaded granny glasses hide his crossed eyes as well as protect them from the sun.
Although he may appear in another story, Doobee’s role in this one will be limited to a brief appearance in the second chapter.
Please stay tuned for further developments. I never know who may show up or what may happen as I sit pounding the keys of my computer. It’s great fun creating characters and situations, and I enjoy sharing the adventure with my readers.