Sunday, June 1, 2014

So Many Ornaments

I stayed home alone today to decorate the tree but was no longer alone once I opened the box of ornaments. The first on the tree were those that were delivered in the middle of the night to the married students' apartments at Vanderbilt from my parents in Texas. The box was filled with sytrofoam "popcorn" and ornaments from the dime store with a generous check of $125 nested on top.

I kept that box for over 40 years. In preparation for our last move, I cut the addresses from the top of it to save Mother's handwriting. She had beautiful penmanship. It's such a shame that many schools are no longer teaching cursive.

The ornaments Mother sent were the main characters from the Wizard of Oz. My sister was planning her own wedding at the time but managed to hand paint three or four wooden ornaments along with those from my parents. All of these are hung close to the top away from the admiring grasp of small grandchildren.

One day soon I'm gong to make a collage of small significant items we've collected in our life-long marriage. The flap from the box Mother mailed for our first Christmas will be included along with the book of payments on our first mortgage and the tags from Tyrone, the poodle mix who was a part of the family when the children were still at home.

An angel made by our youngest daughter when she was in grammar school always holds a central position in the lower branches where we can all enjoy her. She's made from muslin and thread and glue, and in her simplicity, is the ideal folk art angel.

Along with their home-made  Christmas stockings, I've given our daughters most of the other ornaments they made in school to hang on their own trees. It's time for them to start accumulating their own family holiday memories.