Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Presidential Body Language

Our Commander in Chief is often photographed in a seated position hugging himself. He's clearly ill at ease. Is it guilt or has he finally realized he's out of his element or a combination of the two?

He also seems even more orange now than earlier in his administration.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Megan and Harry

There's been a great deal of fuss in the media regarding the upcoming marriage of Prince Harry to Megan the American actress.

Once we got out from under the rule of King George III, Americans developed a fascination with the British royalty. I think part of the attraction for this one is that most of us watched his mother's funeral on television and saw how hard it was on her children. After the pressure of marching with her coffin to the church with the world watching, the boys had to sit thru her service under public scrutiny. At one point, Harry was so overcome with grief that he laid his head in the lap of another family member and sobbed.

I think we're all pulling for this dynamic young man who is so outgoing and personable and his bride.   

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Facts and Nothing But the Facts

Back in the dark ages of the early 1960's, when I wrote for my high school newspaper,  Mrs. Simmons, the business education teacher, taught us the basic laws of journalism: who, what, where, when, why and how were the only details to be included in each and every article. The writer's opinion or personal feelings were never to be expressed outside the editorial page.

This last rule was forgotten about the time Walter Cronkite retired. The public now chooses their news slanted to fit their pre-established political views. Reporters are hired to state their opinions. And to be perfectly candid, some of the women television reporters appear to be hired for their looks and bust measurements. The idea of listening to both sides of a question before making a decision has become lost in the glare of fame and publicity.

The current President admits to enjoying chaos and is fond of referring to the coverage from the major networks as fake news. It's a great sound bite.

After some consideration of the situation, I don't think he's entirely wrong. I suggest that the networks change their tactics. Send the young, unexperienced reporters to cover the White House and the veterans out beyond the Washington Beltway to cover the vital issues of this country; i.e., the infrastructure, agriculture, poverty, education, and immigration. Leave a few of the old timers back in the capital to cover what's really happening in the Supreme Court, Department of Justice, the House and the Senate; everything but the White House.

Let the puppy reporters listen placidly to the White House Press Secretary and not ask any disruptive questions. The veteran  Press Corps should stop following the President and only appear when he announces a special event. Their time could be better spent covering those serving on the President's cabinet as well as the Pentagon.

Fill the evening news with on the road reports from the veteran reporters and finish Entertainment Tonight with a three minute coverage of the White House. It's the perspective we all need.

We're all exhausted from the chaos and need facts; the more boring, the better.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Old Lady Ice

Old Lady Ice is a stage in life as well as a condition existing in some ice makers. Check out your freezer. Is the ice frosted over and stuck together? That's Old Lady Ice; an indication that you rarely have company and don't consume all the ice your ice maker produces often enough to keep it from gluing itself together like your very old mini ice burg.

Your nest is empty, and you don't entertain as much as you once did. It's a stage of life. It's not a good or bad thing, it simply is what it is.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Not a Walking Advertisement

I stopped at one of our local discount stores this afternoon on my way to the grocery to shop for a summer handbag. The canvas tote I’ve carried for the last few months came from the Lands End sale catalog and is beginning to look a bit worse for wear.

To be perfectly candid, I am more than a little hard on my purse. Besides the customary wallet, glasses case, and small makeup tote, I’m currently carrying the dog's leash, a zip-lock plastic bag of doggie treats, and my weight lifting gloves.

I found two or three I liked and thought would serve my purpose. I prefer a light colored interior and need one or two side pockets as well as a sturdy zipper. The prices were all reasonable. For the uninitiated among my readers, a handbag can be a major investment.  

I took pictures of the ones I thought might work and sent them to my eldest daughter for her input. This was a defensive tactic I’ve assumed since my daughters became adults. They are more knowledgeable of current styles and not hesitant about calling me to task if my attire does not meet their stringent standards. Their criticism can be scathing. Past experience has taught me it’s easier to get prior approval than to face their scorn. It’s also more peaceful on the home front.

My selection that was approved is a trendy deep pink. It has a roomy bucket-shape which should hold everything I need without looking stuffed and take the wear and tear of the dog park and gym.

Although most of my shoes are black, I’ve almost completely accepted the idea that my shoes and handbag should not match. It wasn’t easy. However, there is one modification I will make to this handbag before I carry it out in public. It came with a leather strap looped around the handle with the designer’s insignia hanging from it. Before I swap my belongings from the old tote to the new bag, I’ll remove that strap.  I refuse to be a walking advertisement for any designer without compensation.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


How can the President pardon Flynn and Manafort before they've been tried and found guilty of a crime? At this point, we don't know if either man has broken any laws. Please let us have a trial before granting any pardons.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

He Speaks with Forked Tongue

Any man, who publicly speaks of women in demeaning, gutter language and is an inveterate philanderer subjecting his wife to repeated public mortification, cannot be prolife. It’s impossible to support prolife without being respectful of women.